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Cooking with Sam & Ella

 “ Sam & Ella “ (a play on words for Salmonella) are Master Chef’s of the Culinary Arts. Their mission in life is to perfect the art of cooking by preparing the most exotic dishes from around the world. The only problem is that while “Ella “ is a Master Chef, “Sam” cannot cook to save his life.  Sexy, irreverent and comical , Sam & Ella proves that at any age you can add spice to your life and have fun .Crazy, entertaining and full of laugh’s “ Sam” who cannot take his eyes off Ella as well as the many helpers and female guest that stop by, also run a very unique restaurant offering foods that Sam believes most people can and should  relate too, but just won’t admit it.
Such as, Paxil Pasta, Looney Linguine, Anxiety Antipasto and Paranoid Pepperoni Pizza, one of ‘Sam’s specialty’s.

“Sam” believes he is the poster child of most men .
While “Ella” who Sam drives crazy tries to deal with his insane ways and fix all the damage that Sam can cause.

“Sam & Ella “ are a combination of today’s most popular Chef’s who not only teach us how to cook but also offer’s a very funny approach to today’s most pressing issue’s with “Sam’s “ know-It-all advise, and of course of their preparation of foods and dealing with today’s problems, adding a unique spice of entertainment to the kitchen.       

"Sam & Ella” entertains as they cook and will prepare dish after dish of very special recipes  and show us all that at any age you can still have fun .
The question remains .......... Is the world ready for “ Sam & Ella?