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Crazy and Lovable

New, Unique, Different and Comical are just a few words that “Rhythm Racers “ can be called.  Crazy and Lovable Microphone Character’s & Musical Racers, each with their own personalities takes us on thrills and spills around the world and beyond in each adventure.  Meeting other new , unique,  comical  and sometimes scary personalities &  instruments from other cultures and worlds as they play along with our gang.

This is a totally new and unique Music focused children’s show that combines the excitement and thrills of Racing with the sounds of all types of music and instruments (depending on our character’s) , not only that we know , but from other cultures and worlds.  

Filled with crazy new character’s , such as  Elvis, Mikey Mike, Christina, Willie and Axle just to name a few , not to mention our wacky group of instruments,  as well as exciting adventures, suspense filled action, and wacky mayhem.  A mixture of Cars and American Idol combined with Crazy Cartoon Adventures. This series takes children on a totally new ride of fun and laughter, possibly with some education of instruments thrown in.  Rhythm Racers are a fresh new concept that possesses unlimited potential.