Rumble Bee












A Wise Guy

Rumble Bee is a wise guy yet lovable fighting Bumble bee who is a powerful character that can influence children with his actions in self-confidence, getting in shape, health, the environment and dealing with bullies and ghosts along the way.
 “Rumble Bee” along with his crazy cast of friends takes us on exciting adventures. Starting from his “Bee-Hive Training Camp”, Rumble Bee gets in shape as he trains and sets out on his adventures. From schools to playgrounds and mysterious places , Rumble Bee along with his trainer “Rusty the Roach” and cast of very wacky friends (Frankie the Fly, Willie Worm, Muscles the Dog, just to name a few, set out on their adventures.

Rumble Bee is a crime fighting, ghost hunting and bully busting character who loves fun and adventure , and added fun comes from his wacky friends who also try hard, but just can’t get it right all the time.

A mix between Rocky and the Soprano’s meets Sesame Street.