Ice Cube Puzzles 2D/3D












Ice Cube Puzzles

Ice Cubes are clear plastic cubes ranging in size from one inch to two inch squares (size depends on the complexity of the puzzle and the target age grading).  Located at either the bottom of middle of each cube is a piece of  a puzzle (puzzle pieces is a double sided 4 color print, lenticular image or holographic image).  When all cubes are arranged together the puzzle is complete with the image being seen through the cubes.  The effect achieved is having a puzzle made with cubes giving a three dimensional effect to each image.

Product Features:

  • A series of clear or colored blocks which resemble ice
  • Each cube will contain a different part of a design or character
  • Resembles a three dimensional puzzle when assembled correctly
  • Can also be used as blocks
  • Tremendous Marketability
  • Can be packaged in a box, blister pack, ice bucket, bag of ice ore even ice tray cubes
  • Could have a light box to build on to back light the puzzle